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Beauty and not the Beast
WHAT IF beauty was actually a grown ass woman with a successful career who is making her own way in the world?
WHAT IF the beast was actually a man who is in touch with his feelings and has no need to dominate a woman?
WHAT IF he is attracted to her brilliance and confidence and she is equally drawn to the fact that he knows who he is and what he wants?
WHAT IF she is comfortable in her beauty and sexuality and knows how to please and what pleases her?
WHAT IF he comes to find the power of female pleasure irresistible?
WHAT NEW stories could we then tell about love?
About the Book
Sammi Harris, a brilliant young filmmaker who is comfortable in her own skin, is starting over. Navigating a tricky divorce with her celebrated musician husband, she is determined to build a single life centered on herself, her friends and career, and on dating for fun and pleasure. Love, as Sammi well knows, only leads to heartbreak.
So when she meets Michael Shelly, an equally brilliant, beautiful man who is clearly also an apex player, she decides he would be a perfect casual playmate.
They embark on an intensely sensual sexual affair. With each touch and kiss, Sammi can feel the defenses around her heart slipping.
But just as she begins to believe she could let herself fall for Michael, secrets from her past erupt, reminding her of the danger and devastation that love can wreak.
Will she douse the spark of true love and remain fiercely single?
Or can Sammi trust in him—and in herself—and ignite the most passionate love of her lifetime?
About the Author
Carrie J Evans has a few things in common with Sammi Harris, the main character in Spark Solo. Like Sammi, Carrie was born and raised in Atlanta. They both attended engineering school for college and then studied dance in New York City. Both are surrounded by accomplished women—and men—and have an eclectic group of truehearted, multiracial friends.

They are geeks who love the art of storytelling: stories about self-aware people who lean into their courage to make their worlds better. Sammi hasn’t gotten into romance writing yet, but for Carrie, it’s all about the exploration of intimacy, which is the main ingredient in steamy, passionate sex.
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